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Photographer : Asako Nanami


Asako Nanami is a Tokyo-based photographer with a passion for creating and capturing images for the fashion and beauty industry. Whether in the studio or on location, Asako is best known for her inventive compositions and bringing a fresh, feminine perspective to every shot.

For several years, Asako has run her own successful photo studio in Tokyo, where her diverse client list has enabled her to demonstrate both her creativity and technical ability. She also studied photography at the Brooks institute of Photography, where she developed her skills and added a bit of California flare to her work, before returning to Japan.    Back in Japan, Asako honed her artistic abilities as a photographer working the cutting edge and sometimes flamboyant Tokyo hair-styling industry.    Today, Asako is a much sought after beauty photographer in some of the world’s hottest fashion markets, including Paris,New York and Tokyo.



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    フォトグラファー : 七海麻子



    96'年に渡米。カリフォルニアのthe Brooks institute of Photographyにて写真を学ぶ。Rilla Underwood 氏に師事。


    Japan hair dressing awardsでグランプリを獲得する等、数々の受賞歴を持つ。

    著書 : Finding the essence of hair and beauty 

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